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We Surge and Urge for Art at Artisna

There is a global surge in the field of handicrafts. International market is recognizing it as a potential driver of economic growth as there is an increasing interest of people in art and culture worldwide. In countries like China, India, Indonesia and many parts of Europe and Africa there is a large number of micro and small enterprises that have dedicated themselves to making exquisite creations that are handmade with painstaking details.


These are artistic representations of a particular culture or a long lost or forgotten ethnic tradition. It is not just about the developing countries but in the past few years even countries like the US and the UK are waking up to an alternative that satisfies their passion for creating artistic pieces of value and also functions as a source of income. Handicrafts are produced with utmost love and passion with the help of simple tools.

From goods that provide utility to trinkets that serve as vibrant decoration pieces; artisans make all that happen. According to an independent study, handicraft products are made up of several materials including sheet metal, wrought iron, natural fiber, wood, river stone, beads, textiles, horn and bone, and ceramics.


On the basis of type, the global textile market can be classified into kitchenware, garden-ware, toys, office-ware, furniture and furnishings, jewelry, bathroom accessories, and others.  The demand based on the type of handicrafts is difficult to analyze, owing to constantly evolving trends. This has compelled the handicraft producers to keep themselves updated about the ongoing trends, so that they can match the consumer expectations. At present, the growth of the furniture and furnishings segment in the global handicrafts market is increasing at a rapid pace. The market has also been observed to shift from ethnic designs to more contemporary styles. Also, the combination of ethnic and contemporary designs in handicraft products is trending these days.

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The quality of handicraft products has also improved over the years, due to their increasing adoption among the high class society. Despite the favorable market trends, there are still many artisans that fall below the poverty line. Many individuals belong to poor communities which depend on the creation of beautiful and quality handicrafts as their sole means of earning a living. Their artworks are being valued on humanitarian grounds but what we want at Artisna is that they should get a proper platform which lets them display their talent. This means extensive knowledge of the market, understanding of the demand and supply curves, better opportunities and venues to hone their skills and acquire new ones.  We want artists to realize their true worth and be appreciated in monetary terms as well so that they can be a part of the growing world economy.

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