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Supporting Talent with Artisna

The world is witnessing a major shift. This is a shift in our opinion, our perception and our appreciation that is directed towards encouraging handicrafts worldwide. The handmade goods industry has been playing a vital role of providing a source of income in many developing economies. What many of us do not know is that this “hobby industry” of developed nations has an entirely different face in countries like India, China, Mexico, Vietnam, Iran and many parts of Africa.

Artisna finds that handicraft production is a major form of employment and forms a significant part of their export economy. Expert observers of this sector predict that the growing number of small businesses seeking to produce hand crafted items is most likely to escalate significantly in the future. According to a report by the USAID (United States Agency for International Development), artisans have been identified as the second largest sector of rural employment after agriculture in many regions of the world.


Handicraft production crosses all sectors of the modern global economy—from pre-industrial to industrial and post-industrial. Artisan production has thrived because handcrafted products offer distinct advantages: minimal start-up capital, flexible work hours, the ability to work at home, and freedom to manage one’s own business. Unlike many other forms of labor, artisan production can also enable a degree of labor autonomy for those who have limited access to the cash economy. As a means of livelihood, handicrafts provide an ideal avenue for creative, independent entrepreneurs. Artisna’s mission is to make every artist’s dream come true. Artisans create unique, stunning and beautiful concepts, items and embellishments. Be it a hand crafted coffee mug from Mexico or a painstakingly cut raw stone necklace from a Chinese village, would go unnoticed had it not been for the invaluable endeavors of our volunteers.


Yours and our efforts can enable these imaginative creators so that they can do what they love the most without being weary of their toil going unacknowledged. We aim to encourage every talented mind; be it young or old, man or woman, experienced or new to the skill, become an expert in their respective domain(s). Artisna wishes to impart them valuable skills of the trade, business acumen, proper exposure, opportunity to hone their dexterity under favorable environments and more. This could help them build a life that not only has a beautiful purpose but also gives them financial security and social stance. In addition, they offer opportunities for seasonal employment and small production runs, and the sector is often a default occupation for producers who have limited other options for employment.

Lily Evans


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  1. 2 years ago July 1, 2017

    Youth Talent to Market is a  Erasmus+  funded strategic partnership that developed enterprise skills in artists and artisans, with a view to helping them start or manage their art business.


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