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Succeeding With Artisna

A Message Of Creativity

A shawl, a carpet, an embroidered pillow case, even a hand stitched I-phone cover or a made to order wooden dragon; all are examples of things that we find beautiful but take so lightly. Artisans from around the world create these pieces that are high in quality and reasonably priced. Many leading stores and brand chains in the US, UK and across Europe are importing these objects of pure beauty to adorn their shelves not just for showing them off but for the regular shopper to invest in. The quality of these products is undisputedly topnotch and their main competitors are the mass produced goods that are extremely low priced.


An Effort For Creativity

Artisna focuses on linking all the segments of the craft sector as well as the affiliated segments. Research on cultural assets of countries involved in this sector shows considerable potential for employment in this sphere. Being a part of this sector does not require any formal degree or diploma in many developing countries.

Therefore an apprenticeship program or guidance from experts and/or tutelage under the masters is all one ideally needs to build a career in this creative field. Artisna facilitates this and much more to the artisans with the help of our associate organizations, charitable institutes and industry experts.


Because of the incredible diversity among people, many countries have thousands of individuals who have diversified skills, make use of regionally available materials and tools to shape their creations. Artisna wants to unify these diverse skills and knowledge about materials, tools and processes into one organized industry. We aim to give it a formal context that imparts expert skills and knowledge associated with a particular practice or craft.


In many developed countries, these crafts are taught on a regular basis and may even form a part of the curriculum. Our practices are intended to teach the same techniques and tricks of craft to individuals with limited resources all the while maintaining global standards. We recognize and honor these exceptional artists and want you to take the necessary steps with us to encourage the handicraft sector enterprises worldwide. By being a part of this beautiful endeavor you too can help us implement a comprehensive promotion and marketing plan that addresses the handmade goods sector as a vital cog in the economic mechanism.

Lily Evans


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