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Handicrafts play an important role in the development of the economy in general and the benefits that it has for the rural economy in particular are numerous. It is without a doubt a labor intensive and eco friendly sector. It doesn’t employ heavy machinery and isn’t characterized by large scale production. Though, it still has huge potential for employment generation and foreign exchange earnings. But artisans are facing tough competition due to globalization and machine made low cost goods that are their near perfect substitutes. Keeping this in view, we could not emphasize more on the importance and challenges of this sector. It demands lesser capital but immediate and good returns for the ones involved. Artisna aims to provide maximum assistance to artisans that will help them in achieving expertise in their respective field.


What We Aim To Do…

With the help of our partners, volunteers and associate organizations we want to provide them opportunities that will contribute to their overall socio economic development. One of the leading countries in this sector is India and a report has shown that their exports are continuously growing and are expected to touch USD 400 million marks in 2015. Being labor intensive, it helps in employment generation and the wages in this sector are more than what one earns in the agricultural and allied sectors. Handicrafts play an important role in foreign exchange earnings and help in increasing the standard of living of the rural population. It employs both, men and women to ensure maximum financial security for their families.


Handicrafts are being admired world over for their brilliant mix of colors, textures, forms and utility. These extraordinary and exquisite examples of craftsmanship are products of rural and/or cottage industries in many developing nations. The rising demand for hand crafted goods is nothing that would subside soon; in fact it promises to grow and provide more opportunities for the artisan communities across nations. You can be a part of our team and contribute to this cause as well. By encouraging this industry and the artists involved around the world, we can help them climb out of destitution. We can eradicate poverty by ensuring work for everyone in the society.

Lily Evans


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  1. muniushkumar 2 years ago August 13, 2017

    This is a great article, thank you for sharing. So many symptoms it’s a relief to finally have the dots connected and to see that others have also had a similar journey.Whatever it takes let’s keep the awareness growing! Thank you!


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