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Signifying Serenity – Discover Handicrafts with Artisna

Handicraft production is becoming a major form of employment in both, developed and developing countries. It is no more the only choice of the needy or a hobby of your annoying neighbor who shares her house with 20 cats. It is a significant part of the export economy already and promises incredible growth potential. With increased globalization, automation and availability of advanced manufacturing processes, these products are becoming more and more rare, hence the rising demand. With artisan producers being scattered across international borders it is becoming more difficult to develop this as a unified industry.

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Artisna understands that the demand for handmade goods is strongly influenced by fashion, consumer preferences and purchasing patterns, and also economic conditions in end markets. We aim to enable artisans across the globe to keep up with frequently changing market trends. It is our mission to make the handmade goods industry strong enough to face the advancement of globalization head on by supporting artists and every skilled worker involved in the creation of these unique and traditional pieces you can too preserve this precarious but distinctive discipline that spans generations. Countries like America, Europe and UK present tremendous growth opportunities as these nations are witnessing a rise in demand for “cultural goods.” It is projected to grow further with rising international tourism and interior decoration.


Artisna is all about supporting creative minds through new challenges. We are a community that wishes to impart business sense to the artisans worldwide so that they become more responsive in adapting their designs to buyer requirements to increase their returning customer base. They can learn how to produce and deliver goods on time as well as improve quality and efficiency in this scenario of insanely competitive pricing and rising consumer expectations.


Experts at Artisna found that there is particularly high potential for handcrafted items in the high-end segment in western countries. This is due to rising focus on collecting valuable trinkets from around the world as well as fulfilling home décor needs which is also called “home accessorizing.” This trend suggests that countries like China and India and many others could get numerous opportunities in their kitty for their artisan communities. Our dream of eradicating poverty from this world could become a reality; all we need is your helping hand.

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