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Relive Your History with Artisan Made Goods

Crafting A New Tradition

Traditional crafts and handmade goods hold historical relevance as well as economic value in many countries. Asian nations such as India, China, Pakistan, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and countries like Mexico, Columbia, Peru, Tanzania, Kenya and Ghana are just a few examples that have considerable share of people entirely dependent on the handicraft industry for their living. International market sees huge potential in this sphere and thus the rising demand for the products. Artisna in its effort to uplifting the standard of the artisans involved and making this industry a contributor to the world economy wants your support. We seek to employ the kind gestures of our volunteers, associates, and causative institutions in educating the artisans dependent on the trade.


According to experts, this industry is actually a bunch of many cottage industries which are indulged in the production of ceramic arts & crafts, jade jewelry, decorative hand blown glass, jewelry & paper crafts to name a few. The Australian government for instance, is spending nearly $6.3 million per annum in this vast industry, since it has grown enormously in the past few years. The total export was around $300 million in 2006. The US isn’t far behind. It is in fact one of the biggest & the most important contemporary markets in the handicraft industry. It accounts for about US $13.8 billion & has an approx 127000 people employed in this world’s largest industry. Canada is also highly diversified & comprises individual craft persons, studios, enterprises, media guilds, public and private galleries & industrial organizations. It accounted for a total of over $100 million exports & employs about 22,597 persons in the handicraft sector.


These figures ensure promising opportunities for the people that fall close or below the poverty line no matter whether or not they are involved in the trade. Our efforts are focused on educating the needy with creative skills and making them productive so that they can have a dependable source of income and raise their standard of living. It not only frees them from the clutches of poverty but also contributes to a uniform economic development that leads them toward a better world.

Lily Evans


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