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Passion for Creation at Artisna

The steady but substantial growth of the handmade goods industry has led many to join in on the fun. The rising number of jobs is the primary attraction here. Ironic when almost every other sector shows signs of declining opportunities. Everybody wants quality in whatever they own and the handicrafts industry is one source of such high grade products. Art and craft have started gaining all the attention that had been due for years. With immense creative talent spread across our society we are lucky to have gained a platform that makes it easy for many of us to earn a living and raise our standard of living. It is a potential solution to poverty and a beautiful way to promote our talent and cultural assets.

The rising demand of quality goods and produce is what drives this industry and delivering the same is what artists do best. Every piece is created with undivided attention to detail and passion. Hard work, love and sincerity go into crafting every inch of the piece and this is what calls for a rewarding price that uplifts the standard of life of the maker. The handmade goods industry has caused an economic spur in many nations. This could be the driver of overall economic growth and would tremendously contribute to community prosperity, leaving no one even close to poverty line. There are countries in the world that are struggling to make their workforce more productive as there is abundance of unskilled youth that are in need of employment.


Though, in its developing state in many countries, it still offers immense opportunities for both, the talented and the unskilled lot. Individuals that have the skill but not the resources to make a living out of their interest can gain maximum out of this industry. It becomes our moral responsibility and duty to help the ones that are underprivileged and in need of guidance and support. Moreover, acquiring skills or aptitude is not enough. Practicing it in the right environment and with an objective in mind sharpens them and can prove to be a strong foundation for a successful career ahead. In this era when making ends meet is a challenge bigger than anything else, this may be a ticket to prosperity.

Lily Evans


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