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No Longer Just A Hobby – Crafts & World Economy

We Care For Crafts

Crafts are no longer small scale in any way. These symbols of creativity are gaining strong foothold in the world economy as we speak. We at Artisna believe that the modern day technology can be put to use to strengthen this sector. Making information available through various channels about the various aspects of the handicraft industry which artists around the world could find useful is what we seek to accomplish. You and Artisna can make a real difference in their lives. We are seeing a rising trend across continents that appreciate handmade goods. People in many developed and developing countries alike are beginning to recognize the value, quality and utility that come with these products.


Not only does timely access to the right information benefit the craft sector but also establishes a strong culture-based tourism industry. The two primary concerns for the handicraft industry are the lack of right exposure and platform and constant competition with mass produced or factory made goods that are priced very low.

Artisna’s efforts are directed to making this industry as lucrative as possible for the existing artists as well as for the ones who are willing to enter into it. The handicraft sector has moved beyond just the hobby industry and poses a huge potential for employment for a major chunk of many economies.

We Facilitate


We facilitate interactive sessions and workshops with the help of associates that comprise industry experts, mentors and master artists that enable the budding and experienced artists alike to plan and design their creations according to global demand. Countries like India, China, Vietnam, Ghana, Indonesia and many others have a rich reservoir of natural resources and cultural assets upon which their tourism activities function. Amidst all of that, there is a large section of the society that is solely dependent on handmade goods for their livelihood. We aim to establish and support effective leadership in this sphere to enhance existing skill sets and establish new ones as well.

We Teach


We teach them the essentials of best practices and model approaches that link craft and economy around the world. Artisna recognizes the relationship between craft production and cultural heritage. If we succeed in organizing this industry as we wish to, then our dream of overall economic and social development will be realized sooner than we thought. Artisan communities globally can be a picture of socio-economic wellbeing and prosperity. This would mean enrolling maximum talent in creating high quality products. With almost negligible capital and good returns, this sector makes for a route to financial stability not just for specific regions or nations but for the world as a whole.

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