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Local Object, Global Opportunity – An Effort by Artisna

Interest in handmade goods and articles is at its all time high. To know the reason we don’t have to dig much deep; experts say that consumers today are looking for something that speaks individuality and signifies uniqueness. They want to express their distinctiveness in everything they possess. With the almost omnipresent internet, customers are able to get information about their purchases at anytime and anywhere. This has given them more control over their choices. Rising transparency in transactions has made them more conscious of what they buy and invest in and this is where Artisna comes in.


Knowing the origin and who made it makes all the difference to many of us today. Hand made goods are different from the massed produced articles in the most fundamental way. They are crafted by hand and not machines, that gives them a quality of exclusivity. Not only is it increasingly becoming a way to earn a living but also is a proven way to preserve culture and support communities that already rely heavily on them for their livelihood.

Moreover, the limited to no use of fuel powered machinery and equipment makes them ecologically friendly that ultimately benefits the people and our planet.The story is changing and so are our branded retail giants. They are too getting involved and collaborating with artisans to produce beautiful handmade creations that are one of a kind and attract much attention from everyone.


According to a report, international business houses like Walmart have created a store to support women-owned businesses in the US and around the world. They have pledged to improve the lives of women and that of their families by promoting their distinctive products. At Artisna, we aim to do something similar. We too pledge to raise the standard of such culturally rich but financially poor communities. By supporting their inherent talent for creating exquisite pieces, you can gift someone their dream life.

Lily Evans


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