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Intriguing and In Vogue – Artisna Delves Into Crafts

Rare, Unique & Fashionable

Handicrafts are a unique expression of art which represents a culture, a rare tradition & the rich heritage of a specific region or a country. These items do not merely do the work of beautifully keeping the age old culture alive but also maintains its exotic legacy & characteristics. Artisna understands that every country has its own unique handicraft style which is depicted in the detailing and hard work of the artists. They bring forth the diverse historical aspects of their culture in beautiful forms. The products are highlighted with distinct designs & finishes that speak loud & clear about their quality. The excellent artistic skills of craftsmen make these articles absolutely invaluable to the owner. Artisan enterprises are growing and gaining importance day by day as the general opinion towards hand crafted items continues to shift.


According to an independent study, the major players that are deeply involved in the production of priceless handicraft items are India and China. It showcases the rich cultural & architectural history of any nation. There are distinct types of handicraft items which catches the fancy of art connoisseurs world over. Handicraft is a part of almost every country where the artisans & craftsmen indulge in bringing forth the rich heritage of any country focusing on its history, culture & tradition. In this context, the rich cultural countries of Asia as India, China are deeply immersed in the production of handicraft items which are in high demand in the global market. The rich vibrant, colorful items have helped in establishing a grand market for these products.


At Artisna, we aim to establish the artisan industry as a strong pillar of the economy by making it a pivotal driver of prosperity. Our innovative programs focus on uplifting the standard of living of artists all around the world by making them aware of the world scenario. There are organizations, volunteers and institutions that work with us to impart technical and skill related training to enable the artists in their respective fields. We make it our responsibility to integrate the artisan community in the global economy so as to provide them with a reliable source of income and increase their standard of living.

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