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Hand Crafted by You, Handpicked by Artisna

A pair of chisels and a hand hammer could do the trick. Bringing the tools and the artisans together is Artisna and we want you to be a part of this unique effort. From finely etched pillowcases given by a mother to her daughter at her wedding to a painstakingly carved wooden Buddha; everything holds significance. A creator’s love for his art and constant quest for perfection in every piece make these articles a symbol of hard work and patience. These characteristics make handmade goods special and stand out from the mass produced ones. This detailed work is often clearly identifiable due to their manner of execution, form and beauty. The skills required to become deft at delivering such creations are being recognized and valued by others.


While some people might think that this is folk art; they are not entirely wrong. It is indeed associated with folklore and a distinctive of rural and crude talent. But what many of us don’t realize is that there are many handmade objects that look rustic but are not the works of ethnic artists. There might be someone in your neighborhood that uses traditional techniques and designs in the production of a quilt, pot or a paper mache article. Experts call it the hobby industry that is on the rise and comprises individuals of all ages, genders, educational and economic backgrounds.

While many artists are skilled in the technical aspects of production, many on the other hand are in need of proper guidance. Artisna is a part of an effort focused at providing learning environments alongside expert tutelage of masters in the trade to the talented and the needy across the globe. According to an independent study, “From jewelry crafted in Portland, Oregon to stoneware handcrafted in Portugal to lambskin pillows created in Mongolia, handmade goods will be a grand global affair in 2016 and 2017.”


Artisna is well connected to clearly defined communities of individuals which understand, value, find relevance in and help to encourage this creative discipline across the world.” If a report by The Wall Street Journal is to be believed, then handmade goods have become the most preferred route for big retailers like Macy’s, West Elm, Whole Foods and Nordstrom to beat their competition. They have started carrying rare articles made by local artisans. As Abigail Jacobs, VP, Brand Marketing, West Elm says, “Some of our local assortment turns faster than our core assortment.” Consumers today want to purchase something that has some history, uniqueness and are not that widely available. Goods with such qualities attract people all around the world. Thus, this is all the more reason for the artistically inclined generation to invest in craft and vocational skills. Not only does it represent a bright future for artisans but also the economy as a whole.

Lily Evans


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