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What is Artisna.Org? is a non-profit undertaking that was founded to help and uplift artisans worldwide. We are a global community that believes in handmade goods to be a solution to world poverty. Our efforts are aimed towards reshaping the landscape of handicrafts industry internationally.

Who is In Charge of This Undertaking?

Co-founded and run by Serial Entrepreneur and President, Rohit Gaur, has a team of dedicated professionals, board of directors and volunteers that function across 5 continents. There is no typical hierarchy here but a team effort that is self motivated.

What Does Artisna.Org Do?

We are a not for profit organization that associates with other similar organizations, companies and facilities to support, educate, promote and encourage artisans across the globe. We raise funds and support through our various volunteer and donation programs to provide education, awareness, assistance and infrastructure to the artisan community.

In What Sectors or Areas Does it Help?

Our major focus is on enabling and uplifting the artisan community worldwide. Our teams impart relevant market knowledge related to demand and supply of handmade goods and provide infrastructure to artisan communities while helping them find better markets and higher prices for their produce worldwide. We are also involved in other causes such as tree plantation to curb global warming, cancer awareness and crisis management and the like.


Who Are Artisna Volunteers?

Artisna Volunteers are men and women from all professional backgrounds and skill sets and academic qualifications who are willing to contribute a part of their time, effort and expertise as local or international volunteers. They participate in various charity events, awareness and donation campaigns and assignments designed to support, encourage and develop the artisan community.

Who Can Become A Volunteer With Artisna?

Anyone can become an Artisna Volunteer. However, you have to be at least  18 years of age  to be selected as a volunteer. There is no prerequisite or a desired professional background or skills that are required for becoming a volunteer. A basic educational qualification may be desired (subjective) to become and function as an Artisna Volunteer. Flexibility and emotional stability, sensitivity to different cultures and a positive attitude towards change will be welcome.

What Do Artisna Volunteers Do?

As Artisna Volunteers you can donate and help others donate for the cause that you support. Participate in events that are meant to spread the word about handmade goods and their relevance. As a volunteer you will be required to keep abreast of the government’s policies on community-based initiatives, basic knowledge of humanitarian relief, etc. Also, you are expected to demonstrate basic ethics, principles and integrity in each of your endeavors.

Where Do The Volunteers Serve Worldwide?

Artisna Volunteers work across the globe in every continent. You can choose the location as per your preference or convenience. Do keep in mind that some countries or states that you may opt to provide volunteer work in may be distinct from your home town. They might lack in basic living standards and amenities as electricity and running water.


Does Artisna Have Any Partners?

Yes, Artisna is a member of the Alliance for Artisan Enterprise. This is a vibrant community of artisan businesses, support organizations and corporations, government foundations, agencies, and individuals that work to uplift artisans from around the world.

How Do They Function Collectively?

Artisna together with the Alliance for Artisan Enterprise is actively involved with supporting the artisan community. As a member of this network, Artisna receives exclusive networking opportunities, artisan innovation workshops, access to their Digital Learning Series, Loan Program, and Heritage Initiative.

How Do Your Programs Benefit The Artisan Community?

The programs mentioned above help artisans live a better life by enabling them to secure a stable source of income. For instance, loans are provided to artisans at 0% interest to start their own businesses. They are further educated and made aware of their cultural heritage so that they value their roots and develop common grounds for cooperation and growth for all.

Do I Qualify To Become A Member?

By shopping at (our sister site) you have chosen to associate with this community already and are in a position to uplift their life in more ways than one. At Artisna we always welcome willing organizations, businesses, and individuals that share our passion for art and handmade creations.


How Do I Pay For Artisna Donations?

You can make a contribution via your PayPal account. It is a safe and secure method of money transfer and we make it a point to ensure that our contributors are assisted throughout the procedure. You will be guided to a secure page that will fill you in on the requirements of making a contribution in no time.

Do I Get A Receipt For My Donation/Contribution?

Yes. You will get a receipt from Artisna if and when you make a donation or contribution online. The moment you click on donate, you will be taken to a confirmation page which will act as a receipt. You will also receive an email confirmation which can also be used as an official receipt.

Will My Donation Be Tax-Deductible?

Yes. is recognized as a tax-exempt organization under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All of your donation or contribution is tax-deductible. Keep in mind that donations made outside the United States may not be tax deductible

My Donation Is Not Getting/Has Not Been Processed. Why?

In case your donation has failed even after having completed the transaction, it is highly possible that the information provided by you did not match your previous records. For further assistance you may contact


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