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Escape Poverty by Teaching Handmade

Today there are many nations that face concerns over a rather sizeable portion of their populace being unskilled and unemployed. A painter might paint for pleasure, a potter might pot for poise, a weaver might not weave for wealth but wonder; yet all of them have one thing in common, they are skilled. Skill always attracts success but what about the unskilled labor? The problem and the constant struggle to make ends meet lies herein; where the populace is clueless and unproductive. Making a difference may not be easy but it is not impossible either and that’s what matters here. Imparting skills to the willing and needy is a way to instill creativity and ensure productivity.

Training the workforce in industry relevant skills and practices proves instrumental in building a strong career and shaping their life in a positive way. An effort in imparting creative, productive and artistic skills can lead to a more fruitful and highly functional work force. This makes them keen on learning more, evolving with time and adding to their income and economy in more ways than one. By imbibing the skill set of their interest one can leave behind the difficulties of poverty towards a secure, comfortable and rewarding life. So instead of serving them a fish on a platter, teach them how to catch one for themselves. A strategically planned training program does just that by offering a fully functional workplace and training along with an opportunity for lifelong learning. This enables workers and enterprises to adapt to any changes that are useful in uplifting the efficiency of the workforce and that of the industry as a whole. It directly impacts the economy of the country making every citizen financially sound.



Lily Evans


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