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Economy Of, For and About Art with Artisna

Traditional Art in Modern Economy

Both, in big and small ways, crafts have become an important element of world economy. This sector not only includes gatherers, importers, exporters, retail chains and stores but also the major contributor to it all; the makers. Somewhere along the way we have forgotten the detail, passion, hard work and concentration that go into producing these articles of beauty. Producers of craft supplies are scattered across the globe and they are more than just village based cottage industries. Craft production is a business that is on its way to becoming a great source of employment and riches for many.


Today, there are many large-scale craft importers and retail stores located in countries like the US, UK, Australia and many more. All these draw their inventory from the small artisan communities located in countries like India, Indonesia, China, Ghana, Vietnam, etc. The durability, high quality and uniqueness of these items are what set them apart from factory made goods. At Artisna we focus on providing these artisans with the right exposure that enables them to be a part of the growing handicrafts industry worldwide. Our associate organizations and endeavor partners make sure that every creator learns the most essential skills of the trade that they are in. We also make sure that adequate business acumen is imparted to them that enables them to understand the latest international market trends.

A Cure to Poverty?


Keeping up with global demand and consumer preferences is going to set the ball rolling in their favor. The expected growth and prospects of cultural tourism have directly impacted the market for handmade creations internationally and in a positive way. The locally organized craft fairs, art festivals and exhibitions are but just a minor development; what we aim to achieve at Artisna is complete freedom from poverty. Yes, by making the capable able, we will be providing the needy a means to convert their art into something tangible that will function as a ladder out of dearth. Come and join hands with our volunteers and team of experts that want to uplift the standard of living of the creative minded. It does not require one to be overly qualified but only willing to learn and earn and thus, developing this sector could be the answer to world poverty and impoverishment.

Lily Evans


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