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Driving Towards Global Prosperity with Artisna

It is very true that new opportunities are in store for handmade goods makers worldwide. This not only leads to new markets but added pressure as well, however, handicraft producers can make the most of it. Artisna found out how; by adapting their products to buyer requirements and offering more timely production and delivery. What constitutes as a key driver for this growth is demand at the higher end. In many developed and developing countries alike, the low end market is strong and demands significant production capacity. The “luxury” market however is a different story as almost everywhere it tends to focus more on unique and distinctive designs, better quality and smaller quantities.


Artisna aims to educate artists about the end market for their handicrafts. It becomes important for them to know how the home accessory industry is segmented and organized. According to study by the USAID (United Sates Agency for International Development), each handicraft product that originates with artisan producers is based on one or a combination of several raw materials and ends up in one of the home accessory market segments. Producers may not know the end market categories into which their products flow, nor are they likely to have detailed information about trends and retail channels.


Therefore this does state the obvious out in the open and Artisna works to educate these artists and creators by providing access to this information and enabling them to target their products toward a particular channel from the start. This can help loads in increasing access to different markets internationally. Producers and artisans can estimate the demand for all their products and understand which categories of items consumers are buying the most. It makes them aware of the latest trends and provides ideas for distinct and one of a kind products and varied market niches.


In addition, we impart them knowledge of how to analyze their sales and growth patterns that can help pinpoint what characteristics about their goods to focus on in order to make the most of customer preferences. Finally, serving as a link between the society and the artist makes the consumer more aware of where their money is going.

Lily Evans


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