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Artisans stand to gain a lot from our acts of charity. You too can play an important role by donating for a cause that aims to uplift the economic standards of the artisan community. The fact that someone out there can actually benefit from even a little that we have to offer is reason enough to be associated with handicrafts and related charity causes.

You can make a lot of difference in their lives by shelling out just a little change from your pocket. You can ensure that a potter far off in the villages of India or a bamboo crafts maker somewhere in the mountains of China can find true worth of their creations and gain access to better paying markets. The financial aid or online transfers that are made by you through charity for handicrafts go straight to the various programs being carried out to bring about a change in attitude and awareness.

You can even donate in kind and in the form of your time as a volunteer to spread knowledge through seminars and training sessions and much more. With a high focus on professional development and timely capacity building, the artisans engaged in the creation of handicrafts can fight the trend of mechanization that has endangered their traditional heritage of creation.

There are specifically designed training sessions that cover various aspects of handmade crafting skills, enterprise and technology. No matter what charity you donate to for artisan welfare, every endeavor by you would facilitate organization and dissemination of industry relevant and high quality training to handicraft makers and their families.

These families who are dependent solely on their love and dedication for their art to attain a decent living, with adequate learning material, industry insights and awareness of information technology, can gain a strong foothold in the modern economy.

More than anything, your decision to contribute would also become a huge source of logistical support. The biggest hurdle that comes in the way of handicraft makers and their consumers is the lack of proper infrastructure. A fully functional and efficient system is required that delivers the desired handmade goods to the consumer and pays the artisans for their toil in a timely manner. Donate to a charity for handicrafts and artisan welfare and assist in elevating the living standards of this community at large.

Lily Evans


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