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Thinking of redecorating your home? So what have you thought about so far, do you want a carved wooden vase for the east corner or perhaps a brass giraffe for the center table that you saw in the Chinese shop the other day? All these creations form a huge part of the home furnishings industry. Truth be told, and of course according to an independent study, this is a rapidly growing industry which has made a mark all over the globe. The list of things that you can put together to redecorate or re-furnish your home is practically endless. The range of products meant for beautifying houses, the exclusive designs, the breathtakingly beautiful colors and perfect proportions are indeed meant for house interiors. These are almost invariably used for functional, symbolic, religious or purely decorative purposes. But these handmade goods that are gaining importance by every passing day need your attention. At Artisna, we want to keep this picture as pleasant as possible; in fact, we want it to be much rosier.

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Right from designer blankets, carpets and rugs, oriental sheets and pillowcase, table clothes to towels, show pieces, chandeliers and lamp shades; like I said, the list is practically endless. The major players in the global home furnishings industry today are India, China, Portugal, Brazil & Turkey. They all target the highly competitive US home textiles market. According to a report by the US Department of Commerce Data, India is a leading player in the production of cotton sheets, terry towels and pillowcases, and is climbing up to the top slot in the table linen, curtain, cushion cover & cotton bed spread and quilt market. As far as the production of all the items included in the home furnishings industry is concerned, China holds the number one position. The traditional arts from all around the world are steadily gaining importance and some parts of the world have already seen them rise on top of the people’s most wanted list.

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This is due to their inherent uniqueness. Unlike mass produced goods that come straight out of the machine, died and stitched to perfection, these products are crafted by hand. Every piece has a distinct character and a different appeal. Every article is made different not intentionally but naturally. The amount of detail, love, passion, dedication and hard work that go into making these one of a kind items is incomparable to any rotations that a state of the art machine would make.


Artisna is about bringing the right opportunities to their door by imparting them the skill, knowledge and relevant business acumen. Artisan community and handmade goods industry can be the next drivers of economic growth and if nurtured properly, they can heavily contribute to sustainable livelihoods for women and their children worldwide. By being a part of this endeavor you can play an important role in making an artist’s life as beautiful as the very creations they make.

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