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Imparting valuable skills to the unskilled workforce is the key to worldwide prosperity. By helping us do this bit you can relieve many economies and their youth of the burden of unemployment and destitute.

Effective Skill Training for Artisans

Artisna strongly believes in imparting knowledge because this is what uplifts livelihoods. The overall objective of our project is to improve the condition of small entrepreneurs by training them in the production of hand crafted goods. The purpose is to uplift poor men and women in the artisan community by training them in the use and maintenance of tools and implements to produce traditional crafts that have become their only means of income.

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Practical training in this field is what stays with them and with regular practice they can excel in the field while making sure that they produce more and better articles every time. Skill training has become one of the most important sectors for overall economic development in many countries.  As consumers and direct recipients of handmade goods it is our duty to give back to the artisan community.

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Why We Are Doing This

  • To provide advanced training modules to experienced artisans so that they can enhance their productivity and compete with world demand.


  • The unskilled labor comes to benefit from this endeavor as they can imbibe new creative skills that make them a part of the contributing workforce of the economy.


  • Practical skill training creates more and better opportunities for employment and a stable income. It is particularly important because agricultural sector can only absorb growing man power up to a limit.


  • Skill training is meant for every underprivileged individual who is marginalized and vulnerable. People in this industry have fewer resources so are a lot more constrained when it comes to day-to-day tools they may purchase.


That coupled with limited to no access to information restricts their options. We with our associates make sure that with the use of easy and handy tools they are trained well and encouraged to work hard to empower their position in society.

We Need Your Help Because


  • The training is need based and is largely driven by demand across borders which is on the rise. You can help us provide them ample assistance in meeting international standards of production.


  • Your contribution can help us combine traditional techniques followed by generations of artisans with modern tools. This maintains their essence and quality while accelerating production.


  • Training in these skills is expected to have a multiplier effect. As local artisans trained in workshops will be mentors to those unskilled in their community, both men and women.

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