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By supporting this cause you can ensure that the families dependent on handmade goods do not lose out to large scale production houses. Contribute now to repairing its foundation and making it one of the fastest flourishing industries of the world.

Lack of Organization

  • The world handicrafts industry is the largely overlooked one. With unparallel and unsynchronized efforts, the once royal and artistic sector is now facing a steep downfall in many labor intensive economies.


  • Many countries like India, China, South Africa and some parts of developed nations face a similar problem. Packed with immense potential and stricken with least production, this sector has underutilized manpower and is underestimated in all aspects.


  • Due to lack of governance and organization coupled with the advent of industrialization, artisans have slowly lost relevance. In many countries, this sector even carries the stigma of inferiority and backwardness.


  • A majority of national governments treat this industry as something of lesser importance and relevance. This has resulted in lack of or no well-developed policies and programs to support, protect and strengthen the artisan economy.

Disarray in the Crafts Sector

The current crafts sector is highly disorganized when it comes to producing a variety of handmade goods. Due to lack of resources and education, there is little to no knowledge of how to go about producing every craft within a single framework without adding to the overall cost. It must be noted that each craft has a slightly different set of processes to be followed. Organizing the crafts industry would allow craftsmen to produce a wide range of handicrafts within a fully functional and self-sufficient apparatus.


Artisans up until now have been largely structured into informal groups through oral contracts between generations of traders, master artisans and low-skilled artisans or helpers. A more formal system of artisan organization would involve functional entities such as:

  • Self Help Groups (SHGs)

We aim to help set up Self Help Groups with the help of our technical intermediaries, volunteer organizations, non profits and government aided schemes. This typically comprises a number of experienced artisans, (both men and women) forming a social collateral that would enable them to establish links. They get access to input providers, for instance raw material suppliers, microfinance institutions and banks that provide assistance to small scale or rural industries, and aggregators and retailers in the market to complete the value chain.

  • Mutually Aided Co-operatives (MACs)

By creating these cooperatives we can provide artisans with a platform for equitable participation. By educating them about MACs our associate NGOs would invite artisans to pool in funds as equity and run and own their production units. However, a lot needs to be done in this area to make artisans completely aware and financially self-reliant.

You Can Help

  • By contributing a small amount to this cause you can ensure that the handicrafts industry can regain its glory and rise up as one of the most prominent sources of quality products.


  • Give to this cause to bring the handmade goods at par with mass produced goods all the while promoting environmental friendly production.


  • By supporting our cause you can help organize this industry into a prosperous sector that would provide employment opportunities to thousands of youth across economies.


  • Join hands now to make sure that the families that are dependent on handicrafts for a living find a reason to continue with their legacy of producing items of beauty for generations to come.

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