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We want to make education a part of the artisan community across continents. Artisna aims to work from the grass root level and up to the basics of demand and supply.

Importance of Education in Market, Demand & Supply

The primary cause of low productivity despite high potential of regional traditional arts in the international markets is lack of education. Artisna understands the lack of education and market information to be something that directly affects productivity and thus the supply of artisanal products.

Markets and Supply

Consumers of handmade goods are spread out not only across state but international borders. Markets for craft products span across local shops that include both high-end and mainstream stores, exhibitions and exports. Domestic as well as international markets have grown wider with an expanding demand for ethnic products. These products are however quite low in supply due to supply chain inefficiencies. Market trends need to be understood well to keep a continuous supply of such goods.

Understanding Demand

Handicrafts face severe competition from more affordable factory made items in contemporary markets. The little appreciation that they get is being thwarted because of the typically perceived notion of them being old-fashioned and opposing to modern tastes and utility. The limited efforts to reposition crafts and build wider consumer appreciation are causing the demand to decline.

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Why We Seek Your Help

  • You can help our associate NGOs educate artisans on the workings of domestic and international markets, trends and consumer demands.


  • You can help us educate and train artisans on new and improved techniques to enhance productivity and quality.


  • By supporting this cause contemporizing traditional crafts to fit within modern consumption patterns is possible.

The Dual Dilemma of Artisan Education

Many crafts are inherent and are generally passed on from one generation to the next. Some even require the entire household to participate in the production. Crafts also serve as a means of seasonal income for many agricultural households.

In many instances children have to miss school to help out in reaching the production capacity which results in low education levels for the overall family through generations. This lack of education further makes it difficult for the family to perform functions that would help them in making the most out of their craft. Tasks such as managing inventory, accessing and understanding government schemes, interpreting market information and bargaining with traders and middlemen become complicated.


Why We Seek Your Help

  • Contribute today to do away with this vicious circle that hinders the growth of artisans. By supporting our cause you can ensure that artisan families do not have to sacrifice their children’s education to produce goods to their capacity.


  • Our associate NGOs and volunteers seek your support to make sure that education is accessible to children of all ages of the artisan community. Help us develop a better future for this section of the economy by means of knowledge, education and awareness.

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