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These are not mere tools but a means to a living for artisans across the globe. Help us provide them with the latest tools so that they can better their art and deliver finer goods to you.

From African Wooden Masks to Indian Meenakari Designs

Every intricate piece that is created by hand was once a block of raw material. Today handmade goods industry is among the biggest employers in the world. A large section of various economies across the globe is directly involved in producing handmade creations. Artisna understands that despite their huge numbers, the artisan populace stands exploited to a great extent.


The lack of awareness, limited access to the modern world and many more are reasons for this. Majority of artisan communities worldwide live in destitution in spite of the fact that their art is valued across the globe. They never get their toil’s worth and Artisna wishes to change that. We believe that coming across such artists is rare and to support and appreciate their talent and give them a platform for a better career is the least we can do.

Why We Are Doing It

Take an Indian wood worker’s workshop for instance. They manage to deliver fine craftsmanship despite the working conditions that are far from favorable:

  • What you see is two or three artisans working in an enclosed space with no ventilation whatsoever. There is deteriorating machinery in the name of tools and equipment all under a dying light bulb hanging atop work stations.


  • It is an alarming situation and it is common to almost all handmade goods workshops in various countries. They usually carry on production in poorly lit basements with very little space and facilities.


  • There is severe lack of funds to ensure proper working conditions or prevent harmful fumes or wood dust and unclean air from causing them harm.


  • The techniques and processes involved vary widely from one craft to another and the tools employed in crafts production are particularly outdated and dangerous to use.


  • There is still limited to no access to modern instruments and equipment or hand run machinery that could simplify their work and bring them even close to producing on a large scale. There is a lot that we know about the hazardous conditions and perils that artisans have to cope with on a daily basis but little that we can do.
Moroccan artisan sm

Why We Need Your Help

  • Our motive for doing this quite simple; the age old techniques and methods are still being followed by many artisan communities around the world. By supporting our campaign you can help us provide them with better tools, equipment and machinery and contribute to improving their working conditions.


  • We believe creativity to be the key to happiness and fulfillment. This fulfillment is only possible through creating something of incomparable beauty and value.


  • By helping us provide new and better tools to artisans worldwide you can contribute to their productivity. By employing handy and modern methods and techniques of creation artisans can create goods with more ease, deft and detail.


  • We want to provide them with favorable working environment and devices and instruments that would enable them to come up with maximum output with relatively less exhausting labor.


  • We want to make a difference at a more human level and provide creative minds with better means of production. This would ultimately result in a better career and life for the ones involved in the field.

Other Ways You Can Help Spread The Word:

You can make a difference in more ways than one. Please help spread the word about Make It Happen by sharing this campaign on the interwebs through the social media buttons above. We are all born creative and with your help this message can inspire others to take action and do what they were meant to do in this world.


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