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Building a Fair Craft with Artisna

Dress & Decorate With Style

The changing fashion scenario and the emergence of handmade goods have affected the overall look of fashion accessories. Dressing up and embellishments have acquired new connotations. This is nothing new but something that we have come to appreciate steadily. Handicrafts are not merely decorative items that compliment your home décor. They have become an inseparable part of the garment industry.


Artisna knows and understands the importance of this blooming industry that encompasses garments & also includes a wide range of items such as jewelry, knitted gloves, clutches and handbags, hats, belts, mufflers, scarves, watches and sunglasses to name a few. The producers of such creations are widespread across the China, India, Vietnam, Mexico, Japan, and many African nations, including developed countries like the US, Australia  and Europe.

These artists are gifted and are a part of a culture that has valued, cherished and depended on handmade creations for their living for generations. Such creations are unique and add color, style, class, glamour & personality to the wardrobe. These adornments have gained attention of world renowned brands and large scale importers from all over the globe. Artisna aims to bring these items and the creators to a pedestal that they so rightly deserved.


Mostly produced by skilled yet rural designers and makers, these accessories are also used as external visual symbols of religious or cultural affiliation. We, with the help of our volunteers and your support want to make this inherent talent a means to earn a decent living for the poor. At Artisna, we wish to promote, support, guide, provide knowledge and infrastructure to the needy artisans so that they can display their creations on a global platform. The increasing demand for such goods presents opportunities for the creative minded, thus we want to enable them to make the most of it. You can be a part of this effort too by donating a small amount to promote and support someone’s talent. We have initiated it but you have the power to keep the ball rolling. Take a small step and make a big difference.

Lily Evans


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