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Artisna’s Token of Tradition

Embrace Your Tradition

Art and crafts open up new doors to prosperity. The concept of global style can be found in anything that we lay our eyes on these days. So no matter if it is a Bloomingdales store in the city or your online shopping mate Amazon; both can be carrying traditional trinkets of the rarest kind with you even realizing it. There is a growing demand for contemporary, yet unique and distinctive designs in the marketplace which presents great opportunities for handicrafts in practically all market segments. Artisna understands their value and their worth in bringing an authentic and indigenous element into the art lover’s life.


People are increasingly looking to local and regional markets for products that speak tradition and culture. This appreciation for hand crafted goods has presented artisans around the world with opportunities that serve as a springboard to increased focus on upgrading the handmade goods industry across the world. Artisna wants to make the difference by constantly providing favorable environments that enable artisans to upgrade their skills and techniques.

We make training under superlative individuals that are master in the discipline possible by associating with relevant institutions. Artists of all calibers can learn new techniques and build upon their skills to produce detailed handiwork, quality finishes and understand the meaning and importance of customer service to remain competitive throughout. This art being difficult to imitate never falls short on appealing to its audience and thus also result in a valuable item to invest in.

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The modest quantities, uniqueness and high quality make them a cherished possession. Today handmade goods market includes functional wares such as pottery, tiles or furniture; traditional art items such as ethnic crafts depicting local culture; designer goods such as scarves, bracelets, rings and belts which sometimes can also be made to order to suit fashion trends in the global market. People are also growing fond of souvenirs which are inexpensive, universal symbolic trinkets or simplified traditional crafts. These form an important part of the home accessorizing sector and give you and your friends a reason to start up a conversation anywhere around the house.

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The latest trend of affordable and economically produced handmade imports is driving down average retail prices of leading mass producers. The availability of high end and durable products has led to rise in consumer expectations of better quality at a lower price, thus making ample space for artisans to develop their unique place in the global marketplace. Artisna aims to educate artists to be able to capitalize on their skill, talent and the changing market trends to come out of oblivion. This is a joint effort of our volunteers and team members worldwide to eradicate poverty by making the underprivileged productive.

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