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Artisna Recognizes Global Appeal in Local Crafts

Handicrafts are Unique

They are one of a kind expression of a tradition or a culture forgotten. These are the beautiful symbols of a community through which local craftsmen depict their love and passion for their art. The world has been witness to increased globalization for a rather considerable number of years now and it continues to swell its expanse. This has resulted in products becoming more and more commoditized and local creators and artisans now find their creations competing with mass produced goods from all over the world. To an art lover’s dismay, it is no longer possible to seek and consider traditionally produced articles different from the goods available in the global market.


This is where Artisna steps in. With a little help from you we can prevent artisan communities and their products from falling prey to isolation and eventually extinction. The solution lies in global market trends and competition itself. What we don’t realize is that handicrafts are now a part of a much larger and growing home accessory market, not only in the US but UK, Australia and many parts of Europe as well. We are all about making the artisan community aware of the global market. The international handicraft marketplace is largely and strongly influenced by evolving fashion trends, consumer purchasing patterns and economic conditions. The current lack of knowledge of artists in many of these cases is either limited or nil as they are out of touch with the rest of the world.


This presents us with a big challenge. We aim to encourage artisans by making them more aware of the business aspect of their skill, facilitating expert guidance to hone their innate talent and give them a platform to constantly produce goods that hold high value in export market. All the more challenging is the response of consumers to handicrafts which is naturally varied and more often than not unpredictable.

This leaves less room for logical research and generalization. According to a report by USAID, “Consumers buy handicrafts because they like to feel connected with indigenous traditions and cultures in a global and increasingly commoditized world.” What Artisna wants to achieve through this endeavor is to make handicraft producers in developed and developing countries aware of and follow international strategies in order to compete with global produce.


We enable artisans to focus on markets and channels in which there is less direct competition with mass produced goods. This makes finding niche markets easier and high-volume, low-cost industrial producers cannot hamper their growth. We associate with organizations that center on imparting new skills and developing the existing ones to enable creators to come up with products that are in vogue globally and have the potential to appeal to all consumer bases. It gives them an opportunity to make a living out of their love for creating pretty things. Who wouldn’t want that, right? So come and contribute to this unique effort of making someone’s life beautiful by filling it with moments worth living for.

Lily Evans


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