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Handmade Crafts Discover Higher Ground

Artisanal crafts have survived the test of time even as many mid and small sized corporations have bloomed into multi-billion dollar companies within a decade. It’s not that the artists in our villages didn’t find anything better to do with their time, it’s just that this is what they were meant to do and they do with all their heart and mind. There are many parts of the world including developed and developing nations alike, such as India, large parts of Africa, Mexico, China and Bangladesh that have a considerable part of their populace engrossed in the traditional arts of creating articles of value and pure beauty.


Handmade goods and articles still form a major part of their economy and a rather minimal yet irreplaceable source of income. Now, you may have come across a glossy metallic elephant in a village in Rajasthan and just picked it up on a whim but such items are more than just mementos of your various trips.

They let you escape into those remote places and give way to an interesting conversation while you sit in your living room with your buddies over coffee. According to a report published at the National Public Radio (, the handmade goods that were once limited to village markets or tourist shops, can now be sold to anyone, anywhere.


Promoting these purchases has the potential to improve the lives of the individuals who make them. Secretary of State, John Kerry was quoted saying, “Consumers today care more and more about where something comes from, who produced it, under what conditions did they produce it.”That may help explain why an increasing number of stores have added artisan wares to their shelves and sites. That $2,300 rug with a faded floral pattern at West Elm or perhaps the $50 picture frame made of bone at Bloomingdale’s; both handcrafted by artisans in India.


They are contemporary designs, styled for modern American home decor. Yet they are made using age-old techniques — ones that had been dying out, largely because in an era of mass production and low-as-you-can-go prices, these time and labor-intensive practices couldn’t compete. At this point, manufacturing of goods is mainly done on a large scale by factories and production units, making these almost obsolete techniques of creation even more precious.

Artisanal production hangs on solely as an art and craft primarily sidelined for hobbyists, which is not fair. Artisna believes that the uniqueness, detail and creativity that are distinct to these pieces cannot be found at any flea markets and craft fairs. This appreciation has made hand crafted goods the undisputed winner. We at Artisna want the long forgotten regional traditions of the world to carry on with the beautiful work of producing striking creations for generations to come.

Lily Evans


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