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Art of Giving Hope & Motive with Artisna

While we are engaged in those routine yet frivolous acts of updating our social media photos, there is an artistic symbol of a great eastern culture in the making. Far away from your apartment, in the middle of a not so distant town or village, there is a certain individual your age who is working day and night to create a small dragon out of paper mache. He carves it with dedication and colors it with honesty.

Appreciation for culture and embracement for personal creativity has led to developing new avenues for the underprivileged worldwide. With a little help from us that true piece of beauty could achieve greatness of success. There is still a large portion of our economy that struggles for the very basic needs. Increasing appreciation for handmade goods is making it possible for many of us to sustain a humane living.

It also serves right for the ones that are unskilled as we promoting such efforts encourage many to enroll in formal training and apprenticeship programs to absorb new skills and hone their present ones simultaneously. This is what makes the admiration for handmade goods all the more welcome. They pack a huge potential for growth right now and in the coming years as well. It may prove to be a viable solution to poverty in many nations across the globe. Promoting this industry works well in favor of everyone. The already talented individuals get their share of credit and approval from society in the form of right and well deserved monetary value for every piece that they create.

Creation and promotion of such productive environment converts the workforce from an idle liability to a valuable and functional asset for the country. The increasing demand for handmade articles addresses the problem of narrow and dispersed economic development. It brings the produce in the notice of buyers that are willing to pay for them. This gives a large number of people the opportunity to pursue their career and get paid for what they love doing. Handmade goods provide a steady source of income and can be a strong pillar of the economy in near future.

Lily Evans


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