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Adding Value to Effort at Artisna

Countries around the world are working eagerly towards improving the quality of their workforce by imparting vocational skills to their populace. Lack of skill and experience poses a dual problem of a major portion of their youth being unemployed and falling prey to anti-social influences. Thus the rationale behind this movement is dual-faceted too. The enhanced level of expertise in any field makes their labor productive in a constructive manner which benefits the individual and the society. On top of that, they become aware, educated and more adaptive to change.

The increasing importance and recognition of skill set acquisition have made higher technical and vocational knowledge a crucial tool in the overall economic development of a country. Industry relevant skills enhance competitiveness and result in social inclusion and decent employment opportunities. Poverty reduction is a strong incentive for the much needed reform as well. Training in vocational aptitudes increases the value of the labor and adds to their core competencies.


The skills and technical know-how necessary to perform a certain occupation stay with the individual and proves to be an investment for a lifetime. Such competencies acquired can be solely based on the interest of the learner so one gets ample opportunities to build a career out of their passion. The dexterity in the desired discipline can be acquired through structured training in either public or private schools and centers. Another option is any on the job enterprise that offers practical experience or workplace training or any form of apprenticeship, etc. Imbibing and developing relevant proficiencies prove instrumental in making life socially and financially rewarding.

Lily Evans


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