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A Gift of Appreciation by Artisna

Buying something that is handmade means investing in something that is created with pure passion. It makes for a perfect for your loved ones. It is a symbol of your love and affection for the recipient. When you prefer to buy a handmade item over a mass produced one, you not only appreciate the talent of a true artist but also become a source of his income. There are ecological aspects at work here too, as the use of recycled materials is quite extensive in the making of beautiful hand crafted products. And of course, handmade goods in a lot many cases outlast mass produced ones, therefore implying high quality.



This is a rather clever means of earning a living that requires minimum financial investment. With your support, Artisna will be one step closer to helping an artist realize their dream of having a bright career in the field of creation. Help bring high grade products in reach of the ones who are willing to pay for them.


The hard labor and detailing are visible in most of these goods and they are more environmentally friendly with limited to no use of large manufacturing machines, tools and chemicals. The end product is a carefully stitched, constructed or put together item that is sturdy and beautiful. Thus, this implies that you get value for your money in every purchase without adding to waste management or pollution concerns for the society. And in the end, the skilled and needy can earn a living in this difficult economy, rising above the line of poverty. The fact that a handmade product is one of a kind makes it more special and even worthier of your every hard earned penny. By encouraging the sale of these hand-crafted treasures we can spread love and an honest word about true talent. One might not see it as that but it could be the solution to poverty for many nations around the world.

Lily Evans


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