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Artisna Finds – Crafts Turn Big

There are plenty of reasons why we see the traditional craft sector as having tremendous potential to become one of the biggest industries worldwide much sooner than we think. One of them has been the rise of cultural tourism. These tourism projects are focused on bringing to light the traditional assets of regions around the world that have inherent talent and ability to create symbolic and beautiful articles.

The last few years have witnessed increased development of cultural tourism which focused on the traditional regional assets which are mirrored in the painstakingly beautiful, hand crafted creations of the local artisans. According to experts, traditional crafts and goods are a huge draw for tourists interested in the uniqueness and authenticity of a culture.


They associate it with that particular region and therefore careful planning of craft-based tourism marketing is also gaining importance. Artisna is all about making efforts to bring success to this rare and potentially lucrative industry. Community building is an important aspect of this industry as well. There are closely knitted families and ethnic groups here that function out of pure interest and passion to produce unique, gorgeous and detailed pieces of art and utility. Examples of such products include Ikat Pillows by Mela Artisans or a Mughal inspired rug at the Atlanta based Jaipur Rugs. We take it in our hands to support the respective interests, skills and capacities of traditional artists to match up to consumer needs and wants. This enables them to produce goods that enable them to become active participants of the underway economic development.


According to a report by the Craft Organization Directors Association, the crafts market is worth $13.8 billion in the US alone. Today there are many economic development programs in countries across the globe that lack the required business acumen in their efforts to guide traditional artisans to help them produce profitably for the rising handmade goods market. We aim to establish direct relationships between traditional artists and economic development agencies. Artisna is here to strengthen cultural coalitions that support special-purpose galleries or community-wide efforts focused at improving the financial and social status of artisans worldwide. In a report by the Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts, India, an increase of 53% in five years in the combined exports of art metal ware, wood ware, hand printed textiles and scarves, embroidered and crocheted goods, shawls as art ware, zari and zari goods, imitation jewellery and other miscellaneous crafts has been depicted. The council also tells us that in the year 2004-05, the USA was the largest importer with goods worth Rs 3856.92 crore, the UK was second with Rs 1495.88 crore, and Germany was third with Rs 1384.82 crore. In the present scenario, Artisna has taken a bold step of making available a golden opportunity to many talented hands and minds across continents. Be a part of this amazing journey.

Lily Evans


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