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Craftworks require specialization and this can only be achieved by imbibing quality and industry relevant skills. An economy that makes room for synergy between cultural heritage and business acumen can generate employment opportunities throughout various strata. It requires initiatives on our part as to promote, support and encourage such endeavors. Skill training centers are aimed at making our workforce more productive. They take it as their objective to educate the youth and all in need in the field of tangible art and craft. Apprenticeship training programs provide exposure to talented individuals by offering them favorable environment to practice their skills and achieve expertise.


Not only does it offer new employment opportunities, jobs and financial security but also the right to live with their head held high. The handmade goods industry is gaining a uniquely competitive stance and is very likely to impact the 21st-century global economy as we speak. Many countries today are taking strategic steps taken to promote this industry. The primary reason for that is manifold. The goods produced by any artisan or creator hold a strong intrinsic value to begin with. The love, passion, dedication, hard work and detail that go into making a distinct piece of beautiful craftsmanship speak louder than any MNC’s million dollar worth advertisement campaign.

The quality of goods shows and that is what sets them apart from mass produced goods. This rising appreciation of quality is likely to be the driving force of economic growth for many countries, both developed and developing alike. Possession and admiration of handmade goods have made this industry more lucrative for every aspiring artist, hence the need for acquiring the relevant skill set. This talent and expertise in any discipline, be it pottery, carpet making, carpentry, knitting or even glass painting is something that will remain intact for life. We should take pride for being able to play a concrete role in shaping an artist’s life.

Lily Evans


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