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Having a skill and using it are two different things. Engaging in artsy things and producing something of value by hand and handy tools is not only a thing for knitters, carpenters and potters. It has become a way to achieving financial security. With the world realizing the importance of handmade goods across countries, possessing an article of incomparable beauty and charm has become somewhat of a status symbol. I know, many of you reading this may find it hard to believe but that is how it is these days and denying it would be denying a fundamental truth. Yes, the handicrafts industry has risen and how! This is one field that is a few but major steps away from becoming a hub for almost every creative soul in sight.

This is the boom phase though. With sluggish but steady realization that has dawned upon us, we now know that a rapid and cost-effective way to make a living is underway. Handmade goods industry has the potential to eradicate the concept of cluster development. The time is of uniform development and skills work in favor of all those who want to make their life easier. Crafters, artists and creators of handmade pieces believe that acquiring a skill set is not enough. What offers a rewarding career is a suitable environment that encourages their endeavors and provides them an opportunity to practice them to attain excellence.

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With the rising number of institutions that impart relevant skills and aptitudes to students or individuals, becoming a valuable and productive asset to the country is now possible. By being receptive and welcoming of new faculties one can ensure personal creativity and financial stability. This time demands for skilled and dynamic workforce that has passion for learning new skills and producing goods of supreme quality for the ones who appreciate them. Many nations are taking steps to quantify the current and potential depth, scope and future of their creative community and the odds seem to be in their favor. Demand for quality never subsides and such craftsmanship skills ensure that it is delivered in every piece. The non-static nature of these skills asks for continuous revamping and ability to flow with the need of the hour. A skill stays with the person for life but should evolve over time to accommodate varying demands of customers. By being a part of this effort we can facilitate a creative mind to become able enough to do what he loves the most and love what he does best. Artisna understands the value of each loop that a thread makes, the detail behind every strike of the hammer and the toil of every artisan who not only puts his hope but rests his livelihood on his imagination. Become a witness to their stories and a reason for their success.

Lily Evans


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